The Story Behind INTACT DNA®

INTACT DNA®, ATZEN®'s proprietary ingredient, got its start in burn units in Europe for its amazing skin healing and recovery properties. It helped patients accelerate skin healing and cell regeneration while providing comfort and hydration. These same properties are critical for day to day skin maintenance whether it is to reverse the signs of aging or reduce scars caused by acne. INTACT DNA® offers a safe, non-invasive, and non-surgical alternative to age reversing without side effects. While it may take a bit of time of continuous use depending on the severity of your situation, the results are unmistakable. What you can expect is visible continuous improvement in your skin. We are certain you will be so happy with the results. Furthermore continued use over years greatly slows the aging of your skin. Loyal users’ skin looks 10 or 20 years younger than their age. Furthermore, their skin texture is silky smooth and their complexion is fresh like the skin of very young people. If you are not 100% satisfied, we will refund your money.

So why is INTACT DNA® so special? INTACT DNA® is totally natural and ecological. It is unbroken DNA double helix from salmon milt (sperm from the male salmon). It is extracted without heat or chemicals. The extraction process is time consuming and takes a full 24 hours to complete. INTACT DNA® is the most bio-available and compatible DNA with human skin. We are a firm believer in protecting the environment. The DNA is extracted only from male salmon that have been responsibly fished for human consumption. In other words, we don't extract DNA from salmon and throw away the fish.

INTACT DNA® is found in 4 ATZEN® serums: DNA Repair Serum (age-reverse and prevention), Clear Serum (prevent and repair acne scars, control acne), Eye Lift Serum (reduce wrinkles long term and short term like botulin toxins, without needles and pain), DNA Repair and Lift Serum (repair or prevent stretch marks, firm).