Glyco 5

2 in 1 product: Daily light-peel & moisturizer. Delivers a silky smooth complexion and even skin tone. Glycolic Acid is blended with soothing ingredients which makes it suitable for sensitive skin. Gives fast results.

Smooths and Refines. For Sun Damaged / Congested Skin

Size: 30 ml/1.0 fl.oz. (tube)

Our proprietary Superior to Organic® formulation combines organic plants and vitamins with "high tech ingredients" that work. Made with Natural and Organic Ingredients.
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2 in 1 product: Daily light-peel & moisturizer. Delivers a silky smooth complexion and even skin tone; 5% glycolic acid is blended with soothing, nourishing, and calming plant extracts, and vitamins. Gives fast and lasting results, while being suitable for sensitive skin.

Smooths and Refines. For Sun Damaged / Congested Skin

Key actives: glycolic acid (AHA fruit acids: from organic sugar cane), stem cells** from organic grapes, organic green tea, organic allantoin, hyaluronic acid**, organic vitamin E & B5

Ecocert** (ecological, natural)

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Please hover your cursor over an ingredient to read its natural/vegan source and research studies on its effectiveness. Ecocert ingredients**(ecological, natural).

Key Ingredients
Glycolic Acid** 5%,AHA: alpha hydroxy acid from organic sugar cane. Exfoliates the epidermis & inside pores by 'melting' dead skin cells to unclog congested/acne prone pores, bring smoothness, brighten, & reduce pigmentation. Has the smallest molecular size of all AHAs, penetrates deeper than other peeling agents. Vegan
Organic Panthenol (Vitamin B5),Nourishing moisturizer. Vegan
Na Hyaluronate** (Botanical Hyaluronic Acid from Mushrooms**) [PHYTOCARE®],Glycosaminoglycan polymer that occupies space in the cellular matrix in between skin cells. Hydrates the epidermis through the day; brings comfort, & healthy plump skin for 14+ hours. Vegan
Organic Tocopherol (Organic Vitamin E),Antioxidant; protects skin cell membranes from free radical damage. Natural preservative for the product. Vegan
Vitis Vinifera (Grape**) Fruit Cell Extract** & Isomalt Lecithin** & Sodium Benzoate** (Stem Cells) [Phytocell Tec Vitis®],Anti-aging stem cells from organic grapes promote growth of skin stem cells, protects them from UVs, & prevents chronic skin aging. Vegan
Organic Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract (Organic Green Tea),Soothing; this powerful antioxidant has polyphenols (flavonoids) known to be effective against free radicals & some cancers. Inhibits metalloproteinases (MMPs) collagenase & elastases that breakdown collagen & elastin. Reduces sun damage, inflammation, & rosacea, including papulopustular rosacea. Vegan
Organic Allantoin (Organic Comfrey/Plant Extract),Anti-red & soothing. Skin softener. Inhibits allergic responses. Vegan
Other Ingredients
Cetyl Palmitate** & ; Sorbitan Palmitate** & Sorbitan Olivate**,Emulsifiers from olive & palm fruit. Vegan
Cetearyl Alcohol** (Coconut Fatty Acids**) & Dicetyl Phosphate** & Ceteth10 Phosphate**,Emulsifiers from coconut. Vegan
Organic Glycerin,Natural plant-based humectant. Vegan
Cetyl Alcohol** (Coconut Fatty Acid**),Emulsifier from coconut. Vegan
Caprylyl Glycol & Ethylhexyl Glycerin & Hexylene Glycol,Safe & natural preservatives from plants. Vegan
Behenyl Behenate** (Natural Ben Oil** Tree Emulsifier),Natural preservative. Vegan
Xanthum Gum**,Natural plant-based thickener. Vegan
Sodium PCA** (Na PCA),Humectant naturally occurring in the skin. It is a derivative of amino acids (natural plant-based proteins) that is very water absorbing as well as hygroscopic, meaning it absorbs water from the air keeping the skin moisturized over many hours. Vegan
Organic Citrus Grandis (Organic Grapefruit) Peel,Natural organic fragrance from essential oils. Vegan
Organic Citrus Sinensis (Organic Sweet Orange) Oil,Natural organic fragrance from essential oils. Vegan
Organic Cymbopogon Flexuosus (Organic Lemongrass) Oil,Natural organic fragrance from essential oils. Vegan
ATZEN® products have no parabens, no petrochemicals, no carcinogens, no hormone disruptors; they are cruelty-free and GMO-free. Our products are natural, safe, and effective and are developed for all skin types, even those with very sensitive skin.

Massage 1/8 tsp. (use more for dehydrated skin and deeper peel) on face, neck, and neckline until absorbed. Avoid eyes.

Advanced Home Spa System:

Step 1: cleanser.
Step 2: toner.
Step 3: serum and/or corrective product.
Step 4: moisturizer.
Step 5: sun block.

Use scrub and mask 2 or 3 times a week. Best to use scrub after cleanser.

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